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Support JMHF

JMHF is a non-governmental organisation,  our financial support depends heavily on the donations from zealous organizations and individual donors. Your generousity support the operation of JMHF towards educating and promoting mental health in the community and also provide service for those in need. Please join us to raise public awareness of emotional health in our society.

We thank you for your generous support. Tax deductible receipt will be issued for donation of HK$100 or above.

For requestment of tax deductible receipt, please send your donation receipt to us by post/email: fax: 2144 6331/ Whatsapp: 5404 3525 (This number do not support instant reply or respond).

One-off donation

1. Online Donation

​2. Offline Donation

Monthly Donation

Monthly donation provides financial support to JMHF‘s operation on a regular basis, which enable us to better plan for the future activities so that more people in need can benefit from our services and education. 

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Policy Donation

You can donate in the form of an existing life policy,

change the beneficiary of the policy, and donate a percentage of the insured amount to the JMHF to

help those in need.


The Cheerful Duo 

A pair of lucky icons "Mr.& Ms. Cheerful" was created in 2005. Subscribe with a donation of HK$2,388 or more, the donor's / company   name will be printed on the icon and displayed at JMHF to express our gratitude.

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Special Fundraising Programme

JMHF will launch diverse fundraising programmes from time to time, so as to raise funds to aid those in need. Donors can click the below links to view more campaign details we are currently holding. 


FPS Identifier:169120177 


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