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To provide patients, their families and the general public with knowledge about the symptoms, methods of diagnosis, treatment and preventive measures of mood disorders. Thus, enhancing public awareness of the problem in order to seek effective treatments in due course.


Causes for mood disorders may involve a series of complicated psychological, physio as well as social factors. Through face-to-face counselling services and referrals for mood disorders victims, we provide necessary information, assistances as well as methods of treatment to ensure the victims enjoy speedy recovery.  

Fundraising & Promotion

A series of activities and promotions have been organised through mass media and in the community to raise public awareness of mental health. Through  holding activities, we could  also raise fund to support our daily operation and provide education and services.

Research & Development

When initiating new projects and research, we will develop a

more extensive network to rally support from different sectors of the community.

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