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Peer Support Group

The Peer Support Group is gathered by people suffering from mood disorders, rehabilitants and families, led by our counsellors. It provides encouragement, support and confidence to the sufferers through personal sharing to fight against disorders.

Job Interview

Hotline Service

JMHF has been providing “Emotion Support Hotline Services” since 2004, rendering emotional support, information on mood disorder and referral services, so that callers can receive adequate support when in need.


Volunteers of this hotline have gone through systematic and professional training, passing through a strict selection process in order to provide better professional and caring hotline services to the public.


Hotline:2301 2303

Service hour:

Mon-Fri  10:00-1:00pm


Sat       10:00-1:00am

Please leave us a message outside service hour, we will reply you ASAP.

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24 hours Mental Health Information System

To ensure the public can get hold of mood disorder information all-time with timely help and relieve, JMHF have set up the "24 hours Mental Health Information System". It is a comprehensive support system that includes ways to relieve stress and calming stories.


24 hours Mental Health Information System: 3188 4500

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