Through various educational activities, JMHF disseminates the importance of mental well-being to all walks of life. Thus, raising public concern about mood disorders so as to seek help and proper treatment in time. JMHF is willing to join hands with different organisations professional bodies to fight mood disorders.

1. Joyful Jockey Club Mental Health School and "Love To Move" Project 

The JJCMH School Project conducts free talks for students, workshops for parents, teachers and students ambassadors in schools. Also, activities like visiting mental health related organizations, drama training and performances, and creative competitions will be organised as well. It is hoped that these will enhance students’, parents’ and teachers’ understanding towards emotional health, and that these lively activities will spread the message of inclusiveness and anti-labeling.

About Project 〉


To organize seminars in the community and at schools, and to collaborate with public or private institutions and, housing estates in holding thematic seminars or interactive workshops.

3.Mental Health Courses

To collaborate with the HK Familylink Mental Health Advocacy Association in organizing mental health courses for sufferers of mood disorders as well as their families; and to train potential members to become qualified mentors for helping others.

4.Professional Courses for Family Doctors on mood disorders

To join hands with various organizations in organizing professional courses for family doctors to enhance the diagnosis and referral service of mood disorders so as to expedite treatment provided to sufferers.


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