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Message from the Founder

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Lam Kin Ming, Victoria, Founder of Joyful (Mental Health) Foundation

From knowing nothing about emotional disorder to receiving treatment and acquiring a better understanding about it, I went through the experience from ignorance, depression, agony, suicide attempt and confusion to optimism, good luck and regeneration in the past few years. Now my life is more glamorous and happier than before.

From suffering the mood disorder to recovery, I had gone through a complex of feelings. With a simple and kind-hearted mind, I established the "Joyful (Mental Health) Foundation". I'm so lucky to have the support of people (both financially and whole-heartedly) from all walks of life, in helping me to educate, promote and assist those needed people in respect of emotional disorder.

I do hope that people who suffer from mood disorder will no longer delay their treatments owing to any ignorance, misunderstanding, fear and discrimination; there will be no more attempts in suicide resulting from emotional disorder or depression; and depression will not be "the new generation of city killer" anymore. Having taken the first step, we sincerely hope that the government would provide substantial supports towards these treatments in the coming future.

The harmfulness of emotional disorders can be overwhelming and profound, may not be described literally. It can transform one into another totally different person. It may adversely affect your working ability, distort your normal thinking and behavior, destroy your normal life and even trigger you to give up your life by committing suicide.

In spite of all these, victims can hardly get any sympathy from others. Most of them will get criticism like "Why commit suicide? Take things easy and all will be fine." Your relatives or friends may think that suicide is your stupid own choice. Actually, it is emotional disorder which affects our mind and thus our emotions and behaviors. It is this illness that kill patients, so we may say that it is murder rather than suicide.

People who survive from serious emotional disorders but do not receive proper treatment are even worse than death. They are more like walking zombie. Some of them are even regarded as the burden of society and family. However, we should know that emotional disorder is a social problem that affects the whole family, the whole clan and even the whole community let alone the patient himself/herself. . Alas!

Emotional disorder can be alleviated or even cured only if patients can get better understanding about it and receive proper treatment in time.

Lam Kin Ming, Victoria, who has recovered from anxious depression, is ready to share her experience with you.

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