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and Development

Since 2018 onwards, research and development has been adopted as one of our development goals, When initiating new projects and researches, we will access our works in education, services, promotions and fund raising in a multi-layer and multi-perspective approach, aiming at developing a more extensive network in order to rall support from different sectors of the community.


1. Mental Health Promotion Programme for Elderly in the Community

This project targets at the elderly living in the community to enhance their mental wellness by providing educational talks and a three-month-program to those with mood disturbances. 

2. School Counselling Project

As a pioneer project, we corporate with primary and secondary schools to provide counselling services to students with mood disturbances.

3. “Peter Pen the musical” School Tour

We gave performance in 30 primary schools in the territory and provided a perspective for viewers to reflect on how children should grow up happily.

4. Peaceful Mind Ambassador in Action

The projects aims to facilitate neighborhood support for the emotional assistance for the elderly.

5. Research Projects

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