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By organizing various forms of educational activities, we educates people in the society, including the public, students, patients and their families, etc., with correct emotional health knowledge. We aim to increase public attention to emotional illnesses, thereby increasing the effectiveness of treatment and prevention. In addition, we also cooperates with different groups in various educational work to increase the public attention.

1. JJC Love to Move Programme

This project organizes free student lectures, parent workshops, teacher workshops and Joyful Student Ambassador workshops in schools across Hong Kong. There is also organizes organization visiting, drama training and performances, creative competitions and other activities. We hope that through diversified activities, we can increase students, parents and teachers' understanding of emotional health, and promote the message of inclusion and no labeling.

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2. Seminar / Workshop

Holding public education lectures in various districts, and cooperate with schools, public and private institutions, major housing estates to hold theme lectures or interactive discussions.

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3. Education on Mental Health

Educating family of people who are emotionally disturbed and recovered patients about emotional illness, and train potential students to become mentors, who can both help themselves and others.

4. Training family physicians in expertise in mood disorders

Training family doctors to provide early diagnosis, treatment and referral for patients with emotional disorders to help more patients recover as quickly as possible.

​5. Publication of Mental Health Magazine

By publication of "Heartworks" and "JoyfulMood" ,we aim to start from the perspective of the daily life of the public, professionals explain emotional health knowledge in an easy-to-understand way, so that readers can pay attention to the importance of emotional health, improve the public's knowledge, and reduce discrimination and prejudice against patients.

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