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JMHF promotes comprehensive mental health related services, including Emotional Support Hotline Services and Professional Counselling Services etc. We would invite professionals, to participate in the hosted events "Focus Group between Professionals, Patients and Families" and "Peer Support Group" to share mental health related information. 

1. Emotional Support Hotline Services

To provide hotline services which give information about mood disorders and access to clinical services for those in need.

Hotline:2301 2303

Service hour:

Mon-Fri  10:00-1:00pm


Sat           10:00-1:00am

Please leave us a message outside service hour, we will reply you ASAP.

Hotline Volunteer Basic Training 20/21 Registration

Hotline Volunteer Clips

2. Professional Counseling Services

To provide Face-to-Face counseling services by experienced counselors and assist those in need to seek appropriate solutions. Application are suitable for all age, income and asset tests and referral are not required for application. To register, please dial 2301 2303. We would receive administration fee of $300 for each session to subsidize the counsellors and part of the administration cost.

Application form of JMHF professional counseling referral service (organization use only)

Register Procedures


3. Peer Group Support

To provide mutual support within peer groups through sharing of experiences from patients, who have recovered, and their families, and from those who are knowledgeable about mood disorders.

Registration of the Latest Peer Support Gathering

4. Focus Group between Professionals, Patients and Families

Provide opportunities for patients and families to interact with the professionals, including psychiatric specialists, clinical psychologists, counsellors and social workers.

Registration of the Latest Focus Group

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