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Through promotion and holding  activities, we aim to raise fund to support our daily operation and provide education and services, Therefore, to raise public awareness, reduce misconceptions, prejudices, and discrimination against mood disorders in the community. 

1. Joyful Channel


To promote mental health knowledge and services through videos.

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2. E-newsletter

E-newsletters are sent to our subscribers monthly, contents include mental health information and our latest activities.

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3. Caring Company Scheme

As being a member of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS),  we would nominate our corporate supporters every year, as a token of gratitude to their contribution to the society.

​🔗 Corporate Support〉

4. Joyful Charity Run

Joyful Charity Run is an annual fund-raising event, besides raising funds, we hope to promote the importance of exercising and social connection to mental health.

5. The Cheerful Duo Subscription

"Mr. & Ms. Cheerful" is the lucky icon of JMHF. Subscribe with a donation of HK$2,388, we would print the donor's name  on the icon and displayed at JMHF to express our gratitude.

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6. Other

We cooperate with different organizations to organize various types of fundraising activities every year; furthermore, we also have a few fundraising scheme such as "JOYFUL Scheme" etc.

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