JMHF promotes comprehensive mental health services, including Emotional Support Hotline Services and Professional Counselling Services. JMHF also invited professionals, including psychiatric specialists, clinical psychologists, counsellors and social workers, to participate in the hosted events "Focus Group between Professionals, Patients and Families" and "Peer Support Group". In addition, JMHF cooperates proactively with various organisations to promote voluntary services, in order to show care for mood disordered people.

1. Hotline Services

To provide hotline services which give information about mood disorders and access to clinical services for those in need.

Hotline:2301 2303

Service hour:

Mon-Fri  10:00-1:00pm


Sat           10:00-1:00am

Please leave us a message outside service hour, we will reply you ASAP.

2. Professional Counseling Services

To provide professional assessment and counseling services by experienced counselors and to help those in need to seek appropriate solutions.

Application form of JMHF professional counseling referral service (organization use only)


3. 24 hours Mental Health Information System
To ensure the public can get hold of mood disorder information all-time with timely help and relieve, JMHF have set up the "24 hours Mental Health Information System". It is a comprehensive support system that includes ways to relieve stress and calming stories.


24 hours Mental Health Information System: 3188 4500


4. Peer Group Support

To provide mutual support within peer groups through sharing of experiences from patients, who have recovered, and their families, and from those who are knowledgeable about mood disorders.

5. Sponsorship and Affiliation with Organizations

To sponsor affiliated organizations which need the financial resources for the effective delivery of services.


(+852) 2301 2303


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